daily painting titled Wooden boat

Wooden boat

14cm x 17cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 16 January, 2014
Posted in Still life paintings


So lovingly done!
All the beauties of childhood in that one little boat. Wonderful!
Julian, you've done a fine job of repairing the mast I am sure Louis is chuffed to bits. It's a great little boat, and a Fantastic painting.
But by what miracle does this sailing boat stand upright? Magritte would say: - because the table here is not a table but deceptively calm sea, the background is not a wall, but a menacing sky in lashing rain". The sloping mast warns us the travel will be delicate... At this moment, the salty sea-dog Long John Silver appears... Oh my, oh my, Louis, hide yourself, this old pirat is scaryyyyyy! Please, Julian, close, close the famous book!
Hi Julian, You are an artist who is able to make a wonderful painting from any object. A good lesson for us all. You take something prosaic, broken, et voila! it is beautiful! Makes me think I ought to try painting "nuts and bolts" and see what I come up with. Jessie Mackay
"Love me tender."
Dear Julian, I am very touched by the little blue boat. A child's delight and now Papa has fixed the mast! Beautifully painted with it's scuffed bow and floppy red sail. But before long, the little painting provokes a host of other emotions. The toy boat, (although small and prone to a broken mast) has suddenly turned into a symbolic "life boat" for all the souls that need our loving care and protection. Anna.
Lovely, Julian! I had a quite similar boat when I was a kid! Very well done! With a smile Frauke
Wow I love It!!!!