daily painting titled Still Life with Bread, Cheese and Black Grapes

Still Life with Bread, Cheese and Black Grapes

19cm x 13cm (7½"x5"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Monday 10 August, 2009
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Utterly superb! Could those possibly be reflections of your new/old studio window on those incredibly edible grapes?

Am waiting, Alain, for a delicious poem on this painting....

There was a long time ago...
An old man as always, was sad,
Desperate, uncomplaining.
A custy end of bread
A bit of matured cheese
And a bunch of grapes...
His usual meal.
He was looking forward to death.
One night, while he was dreaming
A sweet-looking young man,
Raven-haired, came out and
With a mellifluous voice said:
" You are a nice man, you have made good
All the time around you;
You deserve to keep on your life
Here below. I love you so."
The day after, when he woke up,
The wine grape on the table
Had disappeared !
A cup of red wine was there !
The old man tasted.
" Hmmm, he said, godlike !"
In a jiffy, he felt hopeful again
And found his joie de vivre.
His name was Paul.

What the?1?

There is something about your 'cheese's' that always makes me want to run off to the 'french cheese shop' and try some. Ruth very kindly mentioned a few back in April that I attempted to sample. I was only able to find St Marcellin and it was delicious!!This one looks so too,and of course the grapes

After several months interesting viewing I find that I am not now receiving my regular daily tonic. Is there some reason why I am not now receiving the dispatches from southern france.