daily painting titled Three Figs

Three Figs

16cm x 10cm (6"x4"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 23 October, 2008
Posted in Still life paintings


WOW!! This is amazing! I wish I could own it if for nothing else the masterful brushwork of the background! The sculptural blue is just phenomenal!!! Had to say...love to see your work everyday. Tracey
This may be my favorite fig painting yet.
Have you been using smaller brushes? Nice. Really nice.
Hi Julian Your positioning of the figs makes it seem as if they each were presenting their best side to the viewer and showing off. They give the impression of being 3 figures with ballooning cloaks seen from behind or in front. The blue background is beautiful and perfect for the figs.
I love this blue background. Thanks, Julian, for sharing your talents.
Lovely concentrated work of late, Julian. This is beautiful. Wish I was there to see the mist.
Lovely, lovely ...reminds me of the three tiny Romanesque knights in the Burrell :) Bxx
The singing nuns!
This is gorgeous. Why do they beg us to anthropomorphise-[ can barely say it let alone spell it]..? At first i thought , three buddhists meditating in a row, as we do in retreats... then , maybe three sophisticated and refined middle-aged women tittering discreetly over a risque joke....whatever and whoever , they are truly beautiful- thanks again .
Fabulous colour & form - is the blue pure Ultramine alone or have you added a little cobalt ? - reminds me of El Greco. Regards Vonnie
I thought penguins. As the owner of an old two figs lying down on the gold-rimmed plate, I am happy to see the livelier dancing figs. Both are spectacular.
Hi Vonnie, there's a little pthalo blue in there.

Eric, I had thought of calling it 'Troupe' but I don't often like titles that suggest what you should/might think... so i settled on "three figs", it is easy to anthropomorphize with figs, especially upright figs in a line.

BTW. I got a postcard from Alain congratulating me on the 1000, thanks Alain if your still reading.