daily painting titled Autumn Field

Autumn Field

18cm x 13cm (7"x5"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Tuesday 29 September, 2009
Posted in Landscape paintings


Today it somehow strums the strings, very far off, of "Urge For Going" by Joni Mitchell.
You are absolutely amazing. I so look forward to seeing what you will paint next. Thank you
Another beauty. Your previous roses are gorgeous, too, but I like the "weave" of a good landscape. Always have. Love the colors in this one as well.
Love the free style I also enjoy painting in oils. Love to view your other works. Thanks Sharon Osoyoos, Canada
This is one of my favorites. So simply stroked and gorgeous colors.
the interweaving of colors, foreground, mid and background are so interesting...each a painting in itself. thank you for the lesson. gfs
Amazing how you can suggest so much with so little. The plains of Provence are there, with Mount Ventoux in the background... it has to be Mt Ventoux!
my feet are firmly planted and the space falls away to the mountain - your palllette is a wonder of control and clarity -
Love the ochres in that field, Julian!! Good stuff!
The golden furrows have a wonderful movement in the field pushing my eye to the house and the hills beyond where the movement via brurhstrokes sweeps my eye to the left. I can imagine walking in this field to the farmhouse and a meeting (?) with whoever (?) is there.
You can feel the soil beneath your feet,- the very clods that stick to the soles of your boots ! Von.
In a no fouled place An oasis of houses Between an ocean Of wet aromatic turned over field And the gigantic restful wave Of the Noble Mountain, Petrified forever. Stomping between these furrows I hear the shattering field whisper: "O I am breathing again". And suddenly I do not know really why I shed tears of happiness.
That is so beautiful. Ruth told me I would be impressed Julian and I am!! Hope to meet you in person someday... Evelyn