daily painting titled Clementines and Blue Jug

Clementines and Blue Jug

Oil on card

Painting status: SOLD

Daily painting for Monday 31 October, 2005
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Beautifully done, lovely composition. The light is caught really nicely too, imho. I'm still amazed that you manage to paint so loosely but still be so....exact.

Say, I really like this composition. It's the abstract design that gets me. Once again, I can see this translated into a large, abstract canvas. And gosh, how much do I love your temperature changes in the fabric? I just want to give you a squeeze, I love them so much. Oops, sorry, Ruth. I sort of get carried away with subtleness in temperature changes and brushstrokes. I guess that's why I like Julian's work so much. Have a wonderful day painting!

Mmmm, a negative space painting! And an orange/blue complementaries challenge to tackle. I like the subtle version going on in the cloth. White cotton's lovely to paint.

Have you done any fish, Julian? I don't remember seeing them - they really force you to paint fast. (My current screensaver is a Monet painting of two small pink fish on a white cloth. Stunning colours.)