daily painting titled Single Malt

Single Malt

12cm x 16cm, oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
This painting is available as a limited edition print
Daily painting for Friday 28 December, 2007
Posted in Still life paintings


Chef-d'oeuvre ! Happy New year ! Cheers !
Is the painter wearing blue?
Julian--what you can render with little blasts of white paint is really something special.
this makes me want to have a shot of whisky...if only i liked whisky! wonderful details on the glass and the liquid.
Unfortunately I do like malt whisky very much but now refrain on calorie conscious grounds. This is very nearly as bad as showing me chocolate cake! What's next - Calvados?
Brilliantly done, the light, the contrast, the warm colors. Even if it is impressionism, it has hyper realistic qualities
It's that tiny touch of azure that pulls my eye- so fresh and clean. The liquid so warm. I love your paintings Julian- I always feel them so.....honestly. Thanks again .C
Thanks all and a Happy New Year to everyone.
The little blue mark is refraction rather than reflection, the studio is so cold I'm wearing all the clothes I own, the outer layer is paint spattered although it may have been blue once.
An' a very guid New Year tae ane an' a' - so, which malt is it, exactly???? love, Mhairi
Mhairi it's Bowmore an Islay malt - and a Happy new year to you and your family!
Any chance of a print?
Any chance you'll make Single Malt available as a print?