daily painting titled Cabanon and Ventoux

Cabanon and Ventoux

19cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Saturday 28 May, 2016
Posted in Landscape paintings


It is a great view and just what I said clapping eyes on it!
It is cold and raining here on Vancouver Island British Columbia Canada but with this painting I feel the heat,the sun and the warm wind off Ventoux. It's radiant!
Julian - You are on fire - your paintings look just wonderful - glad we helped to inspire!!!! Love getting these daily - reminds me of the glorious time we had with you and Ruth and Philippe and Judge!!!
Lovely...with the Mont Ventoux there up on the horizon... :)
This is a wonderful painting which conjurés up the warmth and beauty of Provence. I love it!
Great composition - but that "blue" of the mountains!!! Really good to see the Postcards are back on line.
This painting brings back wonderful memories of a delightful holiday we spent looking at the mountain and going up to the top.