daily painting titled Chemin au Printemps

Chemin au Printemps

18cm x 11cm, oil on card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Monday 16 April, 2007
Posted in Landscape paintings


Simply amazing ... Given the recent NYC weather, this was indeed a breath of fresh air.

Absolutely beautiful Julian

I can feel the shade and sun as I walk along this path! The landscapes lately have been beautiful.

This took my breath away... absolutely beautiful Julian!

Wow! I feel like I'm standing in it. Fantastic!

I can feel my senses enveloping the beauty of the pathway littered with brilliant colors.

Thanks all, first couple of nice days since we got back. The vines have started to shoot, a good sign. It's now colder in the (stonebuilt) house than out.

"Ce petit chemin...qui sent la noisette
Ce petit chemin...m'a tourn� la t�te"

Chanson connue de Jean Nohain et Mireille (1933).
Rien n'a chang�...

Que c'est beau, que c'est beau, que c'est beau!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ici il a fait plus "tiede" (je ne dis pas "chaud") aux mois de janvier et de fevrier qu'au mois d'avril. Vous nous faites penser que tout ira bientot mieux. Merci!

This is my first time here. This is a lovely picture. I plan to return to see more!

Julian, I see a person in this painting! Someone (male?) wearing gold with purple dots in the shirt. A person with black hair going under the tree! I am the only one seeing this image? hehe!! He has white socks!

Patricia...what's that stuff you're smoking?

HA!HA!HA! I DON'T SMOKE!!!! Can't you see him? Well, back to the eye doctor I go!! Just kidding!! Try squinting your eyes and lean to the right. Ok, no? Try leaning to the left. No. Sit up straight and look right at it. Yes? I didn't need to do all that to see it!!! hehehehe!!! Have great day!!