daily painting titled Olives, cup and garlic

Olives, cup and garlic

22cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Sunday 25 November, 2012
Posted in Still life paintings


yes indeed, like caramel! so glad we will be able to use some of Julian's wonderful WONDERFUL still lifes in my Modern Art Cookbook! they will enliven the pages indeed, and yes indeed, my friend Jacob Collins is in those pages, and our friends Cezanne and Manet and Picasso and those painter types! love to all three, Mary Ann
Just wanted to say - beautiful painting today. Can taste the olives and want to pick up the garlic! Looking forward to our course!
Fruits or vegetables in and out of a plastic bag have been one my favourite painting subjects recently.I love the lustre of these olives!
The plastic bag really comes off well. A different subject and so real. Fantastic. Jeff
Julian, WHOAH!!! A Spectacular piece!!! Tish.
I cannot think of two more difficult subjects but, here you have created them perfectly, the 'strawy' texture of the garlic then, the incredible impression of the clear plastic bag around the olives, I despair of recreating this on my blank canvas, however, it is always a joy to humbly follow and hopefully learn from the work of a master.
Curiously, this one, more so than others, makes me wonder if the eye tells the brush or the brush informs the eye.