daily painting titled Plums


20cm x 15cm(8"x6"), oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Friday 30 August, 2019
Posted in Still life paintings


This is so beautiful...you are on a roll! ❤️

I could almost eat those plums. look so delicious!

You have a plum assignment, there. Lovely

I love how you got that sort of dusty quality plums often have!

I could just pick one up and give it a wipe and can hear the crunch , so realistic

Love that ‘bloom’...!

Blooming heck Julian - what a fantastic plum job you have done of this one.

Kind regards, Graham Lomas

Stunning! I love how realistic these beauties are!!!!!

Absolutely real, those surfaces! I remember when you first started, so many years ago! Wow!