daily painting titled Poppy field, Entrechaux

Poppy field, Entrechaux

18cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Monday 16 May, 2011
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Congratulations on your adoption! That's really an ART! Prayers and blessing to you all. And your paintings are always a treat! Love it when you use strong colors.
Hi Julian, I have enjoyed seeing your paintings for a couple of years now. During the first week of June I will be in St. Remy de Provence. I would love to see your work in person. Do you have a gallery? Thanks for sharing your talent. Mary
Julian, This part of parenthood is not at all long lasting - in fact it is so transitory, I still can't believe our daughter is a junior in high school, soon to leave us - enjoy it while you can, the pace of change is ruthless and everything too soon passes. I love you paintings, so inspirational to me - thank you.
Ahhhh, poppies. I remember the first time I saw a field of them in Italy. Perhaps Lous will call you Poppy -- a cheery fatherly nickname. Like the dailies a great deal. Thank you.
I enjoy your paintings-----but I did wonder if you had been "side tracked"----you did!------but for good reason !---I've been there too !---keep up your excellent work
The poppies are blooming in Ohio too but not as beautiful as you have painted them here. I understand the child rearing effect on schedules and work. :)
Congratulations on your new son! I thought your production might be a little bit unpredictable as you adjust to being a family. We miss your work but what a wonderful reason to be side-tracked. The time management part with your new son will get better and better! Enjoy!
Beautiful poppies! Enjoy the early days of parenting. It sure does fly by! You will look back and marvel at how you got any painting done! My best from Massachusetts.
Much luck to you and Louis on the scheduling. To me, your beautiful little painting is one of your most complex in terms of composition. It makes a lovely abstract as well as a lovely landscape!
Congratulations to you and your beautiful family- I have always admired your diligence in keeping this site going (and your gorgeous work), and I have no doubt you will find a new way to balance it with the rest of your life..patience, patience...and thanks for all of your wonderful postings... Katie
I have also enjoyed seeing your paintings for several years...each one is an inspiration for anyone who loves to paint. Just today I was showing my kindergarten class works by Claude Monet. Your poppies are equally as beautiful. Congratulations to you and your wife. The photos were wonderful ...he is beautiful! Enjoy every waking and sleeping moment. I also hope as he grows up you will teach him to paint and follow in your footsteps! Best, Susan
Dear Julian, It is all worthwhile. Our first daughter was a beautiful terror as a baby; lots of tantrums and she didn't like to sleep. Not long after though, she would wake up with a smile before she even opened her eyes. Our younger daughter was a peaceful beauty, and she still is, 36 years later. I agree with so many of the above comments-- it all goes tooooo quickly. Savor every minute (even the tantrums!) I love your poppy paintings, but then again, I love ALL your paintings.
Dear Julian, What precious time this is, with your new son. I'm happy to see your paintings whenever they appear. In the meantime, enjoy the unpredictable nature of parenting your little one!
You must be very proud. Wishing all happiness to you and Ruth and of course Louis. He is so lucky to have found such a loving couple to be his family. Time will pass much to fast, so enjoy every minute. Your poppies are beautiful, much like your soul. Take care and blessed be
A lovely piece...you must indeed live in a little slice of Heaven, at least as I view it through your eyes and hands! I cannot believe that you are on your own with Louis already - even for a short while. One can hardly be expected to continue the regularly paced artistic output of a simpler past. There may be times things seem to move too slowly, but this phase will indeed be over sooner than you can fathom. Art can sometimes wait a bit as the art of growing a family absorbs your attention. We all look forward to seeing your beautiful work whenever it appears.
A kind of Eden. All the sloping lines lead us to the enchanting home,sweet home.Perhaps,Louis,the little "bout'chou" looked at the flowers while you were working,Julian.This painting shows a wonderful haven of peace which seems to be bursting with happiness...
Glorious as always, and congratulations on the new addition to your family!
Such is life,Julian but you are worth waiting for!!!!!!!!! Beautiful picture. Regards, Robert
Julian, let it be known that when Louis gets you lulled into a schedule, he will promptly change it!! They are in charge completely...and it's totally worth it. Love your work, as always
Hi Julian I am enjoying all the comments about being a parent as much as I have been admiring your recent paintings. This one above is a find example of the mysterious ones that you sometimes like to paint. Here in the middle of green trees we see blue then rust and pink; these colour define a house that is intriguing as it is mostly hidden. However what a view the owners have of spring colours and the red poppies. As we have had many grey and rainy days, this is a welcome view.
We were just in St Remy. Stayed at Mas Shamrock a lovely farm house right outside of town. We loved the area. Weather was lovely and red poppies were in bloom. Be sure to go to the Van Gogh exhibit at the asylum where he spent his last year. And you MUST eat at a wonderful restaurant: Le Cigalon, we ate there twice--delicious fresh and plentiful food (Jesse was our waiter; owner is Eddy)--tell them you were sent by Bob and Sally from San Francisco. and then to go family's other restaurant Le Glacier de la Fontaine (owned by the Mother and Father of Eddy) and the chocolate dessert with caramel is the best ever. Also meet daughter who speaks great English and is darling. Really, you have to go! And please tell them we sent you! You won't be sorry!