daily painting titled Quinces in a white bowl

Quinces in a white bowl

17cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Saturday 19 November, 2016
Posted in Still life paintings


Lots of great light. I've not seen one of those.
Beautiful! When I opened your email it was like a ray of sunshine hit me.
Julian, have you found LED lights that have decent color accuracy? What are they?
Yes,please share about your new lighting. That's one of my biggest struggles.
Yes, CRI 96+ and seems well made, you'll need stands too. I bought two lights (a deal on amazon uk)
Pergear Lightmate Plus CRI 96+ 5500K Dimmable 960 Led Video Light Panel
Yes, light can be a real problem in the winter, these seem very much like daylight, and I use them either as an add-on to daylight or on their own
Hello, I'm an art teacher...just looking at buying an LED panel for my classroom. How are you using it "as a window"...are you putting it near or above your still life as a light source? would like to know...I can see the brightness in the painting....this time of year everything goes dark so quickly... Lisa Larson
Yes, I'm using it either next to the window, if it's daytime as an extra boost, or on it's own positioned above head height tilted down on the subject, it gives enough light but having said all that, I'd prefer a window with enough light; the still life paintings I did in Venice were in a room with large north facing windows, that's the ideal!