daily painting titled Pomegranate and Delft Vase

Pomegranate and Delft Vase

12cm x 14cm (4½"x5½"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 21 October, 2009
Posted in Still life paintings


From clementines to a pomegranate. Both very striking.
As you explore the way the delft vase can be used in your paintings, you are deftly revealing parts of the vast to the viewers. I will be interested to see this project unfold and to see how you will use this textural vase with other fruits and objects. I can see why you purchased it. You saw something of value in it that others might not have seen. If I remember, it had a flaw, a crack (?).
"vast" is obviously vase
Ghost world... The peaked tip of the pomegranate looks like a radiating candle of which the invisible white flame is reflected into the vase... Help me, Miss Melinda Gordon!