daily painting titled Bouquet of Flowers

Bouquet of Flowers

Oil on card

Painting status: SOLD

Daily painting for Wednesday 2 November, 2005
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Is it my imagination or has has the impasto been much thicker on the last two paintings?

What are you mixing the paint with Julian?

Well Paul this one has some impasto but that's mostly the white flower (which is neat paint). I think the subject matter demanded a looser approach... if I'm painting eggs it'll be thinner! j

Nice. Thanks Julian.

you can keep your eggs, this is what we want!

This is absolutely gorgeous, Julian. Loose, wonderful interpretation of flowers. I do have a comment, however, in response to ezappy, and others who occasionally criticize your choice of subject matter, etc. It puzzles me why some would want you to stick to a certain technique, subject, interpretation. Artists who consistently do the same thing over and over become boring and also do not allow their work to appeal to a wide audience. There is nothing wrong with eggs. Your eggs are gorgeous. Some people want eggs. Others want loosely interpreted flowers. Still others really respond to autumn landscapes. There is nothing inherently "wrong" with any of these subjects or with the way you choose to paint them. The artist who can do something fresh and new every day, push themselves out of their comfort zone and try something different is the exceptional artist. So paint your eggs, Julian. And portraits, and grapevines, flowers, whatever. And continue to make it a little different each time, as you do. This is what sets you apart from the others, and I admire you greatly.

This one is something special - bravo - all the values in a perfect balance. Question: how long do these miniatures take to dry and should they be framed behind glass?

He's not being critical he just likes them loose, and as you say something for everyone, I know he likes eggs - I've shared many a breakfast with him. j

OK, sorry I got on a soapbox. I'm glad he likes eggs. Over-easy, I'll bet!

Hi jane they take between 3-10 days to dry, they don't need glass but glass always looks good,j

I have a problem with the subject matter subverting the painting Merrilee. I prefer the painting to subvert the subject matter; The subject matter is "irrelevant". Instead of saying 'oh what lovely eggs' I would rather be commenting on the painting itself. I only say this having been robustly challenged when first at art school, I started painting heavily loaded and emotionally significant subject matter in an attempt to be authentic. This painting carries a lightness of touch that becomes a poetic statement and I love it!

WOW how daring! With the red's!


I love this floral!