daily painting titled Red apples

Red apples

17cm x 12cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Friday 1 March, 2013
Posted in Still life paintings


Perfect apples! Love the little bit of blue the table...
Absolutely LOVE this one Julian!! Beautiful background again. Such a joyful painting! I feel like I could just pick one of those beautiful apples up into my hands for snacking. How exciting for you and Louis! Wishing you safe and smooth travels! Enjoy!
I like how the curved line on the blue wall echoes the left outlines of each apple, as if a third apple was immersed in the cerulean sea-like background. As well as the skyline on the wall above the apples echoes the bottom line behind the fruits. A successful painting is always full of tracks, signs, symbols and unwanted hidden meanings...Up to that small blue puddle in the foreground, so unexpected: like some vestige of an unexplainable event coming from the haunting background...
Love yesterday's landscape and more love for apples today Have a joyful time in Paris and look forward to many paintings of your stay there..
I agree it's the little touches in the foreground/background, the placement of the apples, and their highlights that make this an interesting painting. Have a great time in Paris.
Thank you for the info on Opera Fuoco, along with the series of paintings on blue background walls. I have visited France, espcially Paris, a number of times, and I like to hear about music events with the chance of attending one on a future trip. Best wishes to you, all three. Naomi in rainy northwest Washington state, home to many apple growers
I love this blue colour you are acheiving and the apples are excellent. Your Ruth must be a very talented musician , congratulations and safe journeying.
Here's hoping your trip is wonderful in every way!!! And those apples are gorgeous! And the background is great colour. Blessings always, C-Marie