daily painting titled Peony and green vase

Peony and green vase

20cm x 17cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Saturday 20 June, 2015
Posted in Flower paintings


I hope one day to watch your demonstration, I find it so difficult to paint flowers. You make it look easy. It's stunning!
Beautiful peony painted so perfectly and thank you also green vase for adding your touch.
This is beautiful! This is my favourite time of year as the peonies are gracing our yard again! You have captured that beauty so well here. Thank you sharing your lovely creations!
Man, you are truly gifted beyond belief. I think I smell that luscious peony .
Julian, What made you choose a black background? Elinor Stone
Wow! This is probably the best painting of a peony I've ever seen!! This is stunning and such an interesting and unusual composition, beautiful color contrast and lighting. Love those shadows too! This is an absolute 10 out of 10!!
The black feels less like a flat background than an intriguing depth of darkness to me. I love the fact that one can follow the line of the chipped glazing on the far side of the pot to its beautifully realised handle buried inside the deepest darkness. And there's a beautiful peony to boot. Fabulous.
Reminiscent of Marcel Dyf. Just stunning.
This peony is as fiery and high-spirited as your heart and mind,Julian! A concealed example this time of another...self portrait.
Just beautiful!! Wish I could capture the feeling expressed here. I am sure it is so different with individuals.....(the old 91 yr old)
Julian - you blow Marcel Dyf out of the water!!!
Love the air of mystery of the solid green jug almost out of sight...contrasted by the lovely peony..Timeless... So there's someone around my senior? Stealing my thunder? Hello Tommie, from an 87-year-old painter..
Genius, from the shear petals, the shadow colors and highlights in the flower, do I see the quinoquinodine or whatever it is and the purple, to the golds and blues in the green vase to the highlights on the vase that also look like flower petals falling. How's that for a run on sentence? No wonder people come back for more classes. I think flowers are so difficult to paint and would have loved to watch you paint that peony and to be there now painting the lovely garden at the Madeleine.
How lovely! The flower petals are perfect -- the colors create such depth. And the green pitcher in the background adds a nice balancing point to the flower. Beautiful work!