daily painting titled Abandoned house

Abandoned house

20cm x 13cm, oil on canvas Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 12 January, 2012
Posted in Landscape paintings


What a beautiful painting so crisp you can feel the cold. Is this house close to yours? John
I love the winter light of this painting, Julian. There's no mistaking the cold, crisp, blue sky and a distant sun low in the sky.
This is beautiful, and I agree with the above comment: crisp and cold. But the winter sun is still welcome, isn't it? You can feel it in this painting. Regards
No one could mistake it for any other season nor fail to realize the light, though clear and bright, is definitely cold!
The house is uninhabited but the bicephalous tree with its luxuriant foliage shows us that nature takes its course in freedom.Wonderful symbolism!And a real "physical" presence of the painting.
I like the way you are able to paint the effect of light without making it look overworked. Very nice brush work and color too.
love the way you caught the clear hard light of winter here.
Perfect....agree with all the above comments. Thank you for gracing our lives with these wonderful images.
Julian, even before I read you caption I thought - "that looks chilly". Now, knowing it was in fact a chilly day I am compelled to wonder, what about this painting conveys that so perfectly? The bare tree and blue sky? Maybe the strokes appear a bit hurried? I don't know - at a loss here. But I do know it's another triumph of a landscape, and I appreciate you braving the cold to capture it! Very well done, as always.
Love the loose brush strokes and bold shadows
Today I realize I like the subtle likeness of shape between the canvas and the house.It could explain my impression of both strong presence and blissful feeling.So mysterious process of art.
There is a story if the house could tell it and give the reasons that it was abandoned. It will remain a mystery unless you know someone who could tell it.