daily painting titled Still life with three peaches and green confit pot

Still life with three peaches and green confit pot

20cm x 13cm (8"x5"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Tuesday 20 July, 2010
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You are on one of your fantastic rolls Julian! I just marvel how you nail textures so diverse! So yummy, I can't stand it. With thanks for this beautiful vision.
Received your book a few weeks ago and have read and read many times. Thank you for this wonderful addition to my library
The trembling contour lines of the fruits are painted with such keenness and accuracy! For instance the left outline of the peach in the shade,leant against the pot. The message here for me is clear: don't give in the easy way.Never.
Wonderful composition ... fuzz and all.
They even have fuzz on them. Just wondering are many of your sales in North America or are we over here still caught in too much materialism to appreciate the beauty of the simple? Some of your still lifes can live as pictures on their own not just appreciated for the painting skill they are done with.
Julian, I received my copy of your book on my way out of the house to my art class, so I just took it along. BIG mistake! They all loved it, and I realized someone had borrowed it! Sure do hope it is returned tomorrow...I haven't even seen all of it!!!! Thank you for this delightful book!
Oh, I am still waiting for mine..Been a long time since I checked the mailbox with such frequency. We are into the 8th week now.. so hope it will be anytime soon!
Julian: I love your green confit pot. Where can I get one? The peaches are lovely but I still think the figs were awesome!
I love the very very tiny landscape masquerading as the highlight on the pot...