daily painting titled Spring wheatfield

Spring wheatfield

20cm x 14cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Monday 27 May, 2013
Posted in Landscape paintings


Beautiful - love the sky. Looks a bit English!
Lovely.Beautiful sky. 150 paintings - and you start again tomorrow?! That's amazing.Well done. The irises certainly rose to everybody's occasion, specially yours, I must say! Looks/sounds like everybody had a really good time. I hope you're enjoying yourself too.I wish you good weather.
Hi Julian, It's always a treat when I see your email in the box. Your paintings are a high light in my day. When I first view your artwork I notice the composition and then your wonderful brushstrokes with beautiful colors. Did you see our Florida sky because you nailed it today. The same! Get some rest don't wear yourself out with all you have going on. You need it for energy to paint more wonderful art. Take care.
Hi Julian, Would love to wander in the lusciously green field. I had no idea that wheat is farmed in your neighborhood. Thanks as always for the beautiful scenes.
Julian, After reading others' comments on seeing your students' work, I am very curious to view these. How do I access them? Thanks for your thoughtful reply, Naomi
Hi again, I found the link to the course gallery. No need to reply to my earlier request. Lots of fun to see tohe others' efforts. I really gives me an appreciation for your choices in framing the scenes as they create an especially intimate invitation into the picture. Thank you, Naomi
Hi again, I found the link to your course gallery. No need to reply to my earlier request. I enjoyed seeing the others' interpretations, and they give me an appreciation for how you frame your own scenes. You creat an especially inviting pathway into the landscape. Thanks, Naomi