daily painting titled Le golfe d'Ajaccio

Le golfe d'Ajaccio

20cm x 15cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Sunday 3 November, 2019
Posted in Marine paintings


What a truly incredible gem! Someone very fortunate will love this painting every day and every time they look at it.
So serene and beautiful!
This is spectacular. That gorgeous blue sea and sky!
Congratulations on reaching 3000! I've got several friends in Little Rock who are wanting to attend a workshop this next summer. bob
Congratulations on this milestone of 3000. I came into your project after 2000, but I have been following it enthusiastically since then. When I find one of your emails in my inbox, I open it first! I've bid on a number without yet winning any. There have been so many I have pictured having on my wall. I've fantasized about a whole wall of your works, in fact!! I really admire your work.
Lovely! Congratulations on this wonderful milestone! I have 2 of your paintings; they make me so happy:)
Good action! Good energy! thanks for sharing.