daily painting titled Self-Portrait in my 50th year

Self-Portrait in my 50th year

14cm x 18cm, oil on stretched linen Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Monday 25 August, 2008
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Best wishes for your 50th year and beyond.
Anonymous, Richmond Would you mind emailing me at tomalock at msn dot com
Happy Birthday! I always enjoy your work, very inspiring.
well, i called it the year of the failing body parts... this is wonderfully reassuring- all present and correct! a beautiful, gentle gaze.
Happy Birthday to you, Julian!!! This is a fabulous self-portrait - love the loose brushstrokes, textures and colors. Brilliant!!!
Hey Julian, Happy 50th year. My husband turned 50 in May and he is only getting better with age. Also, our son turned 5 today. New beginnings for everyone! Beautiful brushstrokes and highlight colors. Thanks.
Ah titles and how the search for a good one can end up misleading folk! I am now in my 50th year and have been since February, so no birthday till the fishes return. It does show, I think, a certain proccupation with the upcoming big one, when I will turn fifty and enter on my 51st year. Apologies to all those who have sent lavish presents. julian
JOYEUX ANNIVERSAIRE!!! PARABENS PARA VOCE !!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! This is a wonderful painting. A lot has been written about THE GAZE in 19th-century French and English paintings. This gaze reveals joy, satisfaction, happiness, delight, and a penetrating knowledge of the self. We are all so grateful for your gaze into yourself as well as the beauty in the world. Merci.
GORGEOUS.... The work... You look good too, but the painting is GREAT!! Happy YEAR!! They get better in so many ways.
Great portrait, great colors. Celebrate your 50th year in style...it'll go fast.
Great likeness, I compared it to your previous portrait a while ago with new glasses and likeness is identical. Shows you have the skill... Well done!
Happy Birthday. You are a great inspiration to me, as a fellow painter. Everything you do looks like it just fell off the brush, even though I realize how much work must have gone into becoming such a talented painter.
Thanks Everyone, as I said, not my birthday just another day in my 50th year, but thanks for all your kind words and thoughts.