daily painting titled Roscoff onion, spring onions and artichokes

Roscoff onion, spring onions and artichokes

20cm x 12cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Monday 15 December, 2014
Posted in Still life paintings


I really like this vigorous combination of round, red onion and slanting green stalks. Oh, those wonderful Opposites! And t he shadows on the left of the onion make it look so mysterious, and solid at once. Good.
It's so painterly and yet that onion, painterly though it is, seems real enough to pick up and peel. Glad Ruth will be back in time for Christmas.
Love your work!
Just love this new painting and that red band around the green onions makes it pop
Mmmmm, gorgeous Julian!
So gorgeous! This was worth the wait! I hope Ruth has a grand time!
Kudos Julian. A feast for the eyes. A life-giving picture!
You miss her. I miss you .love the red tie. What a difference it makes!
Lovely composition and the colors work splendidly together. Truly memorable.
Absolutely wonderful piece, in every way. Your values and colors are just delicious. You inspire me to paint! I look forward to your posts, thank you very much for sharing your gift.
The red band that sits back in the space in balance with the onion's push forward is a special moment - zoot alors!
Dear Julian,the tight globe of the polished looking Roscoff,the invigorating green of the spring onions, the red tie(essential),the artichoke in its sombre grey green and purple melting into the background, bravo! You have struck a chord,in paint! Anna H.
By now you have to know that next to the quinces the Roscoffs are my favorites from the market! This one is particularly special. Thanks.
Beautiful and painterly! I hope you know my last comment (about the lemon) was intended to nudge you forward, not drag you down. What a loss to us if shakespeare had written poetry only (maybe committed to a poem a day?) and had never taken the plunge to writing plays. Much of your work puts you among the best painters working currently?anywhere? (in my humble opinion). Don't ever stop. Do what you must to keep growing but don't wait too long to do your most masterful work of a lifetime. (This, from an old person who always thought I'd have plenty of time to do that later, when I was ready.)
It is no coincidence here that a person first-named Stella brings light; and positive reinforcement.
You've done it again Julian. I like Stella's comment and agree, but then again you are living the dream and making a living from painting while supporting your family,and the best of your little paintings give so much pleasure to so many. That is actually a massive achievement for any artist.