daily painting titled Track through Shadows

Track through Shadows

20cm x 13cm (7¾"x5"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Tuesday 18 November, 2008
Posted in Landscape paintings


So peaceful with the promise of a joyful tasting celebration. I'll drink to that!
A flowerbed of golden sweets, sweet as honey,shadows like an aerial ultramarine sea with its little white foams, seeping through the vine,a diaphanous and glorious sky taking part in this warm-hearted symphony... Oh Julian, what a delightful miraculous day!
great stuff Julian and great stuff Alain--art and poetry together again.
thank you both, Julian and Alain, for the beauty in pictures and words- it especially helps in cold dark new england- you both would be surprised , i think, at just how much ! i love the softness lavenderness of this one.
I love the soft lavenderness as well, combined with the golden vines. This is a very peaceful scene and it immediately makes me feel calm. Look at this painting while sipping a good chardonnay, and all the troubles of the world disappear. And, Alain, I am glad you are back! I enjoy your poetic comments.
That scene reminds me of my childhood days, strolling around serene fields. Makes me feel like daydreaming.
This is a beauty, and as so many have said, it is great to read Alain's lovely, poetic response to Julian's work. I hope there will be more comments from Alain, as they add to the enjoyment of the paintings.