daily painting titled Still Life with New Seasons Onions

Still Life with New Seasons Onions

24cm x 13cm (9¼"x5"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 1 April, 2009
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Gorgeous painting, Julian! Love the gusty brushstrokes.
Julian, I jumped when this arrived just now. A masterpiece!!!! Can't wait to study it more closely.. It's as if you have been building to a symphony. Bravo!
Gorgeous painting, thank you, you know yer onions!
OK, sorry, I meant GUTSY brushstrokes...and I even had coffee already today!
Oh Yum! ....on every level. Incidentally, I love reading the comments. I read...and I look...read, look. Each time the experience is different, leading to a more complex appreciation...and education. Thanks, Julian, and to all who take the time to comment.
Your painting is vibrant and reminded me that as children we would go stand over the rows of onions in our garden and pull the fresh green onions out and eat them right there(after rinsing). I still have time to plant!
Horizontal axes: chili, edge of the chest of drawers vertical axes: half-cut orange, bottles, boxes in the background These axes trying to stabilize the Oblique axes: long stems of the onions looking towards the left side, tip of the garlic inclined to the right side. In the end, feelings of effervescence alternately with quietness like a wave motion. A peaceful lively still life. Julian, you are a tactful architect of the emotional life too.
nice eye pointers- the stems and chili.
its the subtleness of the greens and oranges that intrique me as well as the intermingling shapes...and then i spied the knife! talk abt subtle....
I WANT this! .... I love your comment , Alain.
Ohhh, that green of new season, that promise...so fresh and assuring.....it's been a long, long winter. Thankyou so much.
Thank you Mariah.
I still marvel at the ubiquitous knife and how you slip it in to the whole tableau. Gutsy brushstrokes for sure but intricate tangle of onion stuff between the two middle onions is pretty cool as well. Alain, I'm not seeing an orange--I'm guessing another onion. We should bet huge money on this--Julian, this is important. Orange or onion on the left?
yes, Eric, an onion it is.
Eric You win and I admit my "defeat".You are a witty person. But do you know this recipe? Oranges and new seasons onions salad: 3 big oranges 2 green onions 1 teaspoon balsamic vinegar 2 tablespoons olive oil 6 black olives Peel the oranges and cut up in widthwise slivers Slice the onions thinly Mix oranges onions and black olives gently in a bowl Mix salt pepper vinegar and oil and pour down that sauce in the salad bowl One hour in the fridge; ready-to-serve.
Hi Alain: I always appreciate your comments. As for this recipe, it is a Moroccan recipe and is delicious with chicken a la marocaine and couscous. Black olives in the orange salad, and green olives in the chicken recipe make a feast for the eyes as well as the mouth. This painting does both. Wish I could bite into it.
Jol, thank you for this gastronomic suggestion.
A wonderful painterly feast Julian, and even the dimensions of the board are very 'satisfying'