daily painting titled Boat


25cm x 13cm, oil on card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Saturday 12 February, 2011
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Love the simplicity of this subject. I've enjoyed your trip vicariously.... spent some time in Bali, Java and Lombok in the late 90's. I wanted to visit a place where everyone practiced art in some form. It remains one of my favorite trips and areas of the world. So glad you had a chance to paint!
Lovely boat, Julian. This reminds me of the small but sturdy boats I saw in Portovenere. I painted one of my favorites...a scuffed up orange one that needed painting...on canvas! Happy homecoming.
An image called "Tranquility". I agree ... such a scene is so difficult to resist ... also so difficult to render successfully as you have done. The closest I ever get to painting water is the pelicans on the poles that arise from it. I both admire and envy your ability. Keep it happening.
beautiful and sleek.
sometimes the simple designs are the most streamline and elegant the painting is beautiful
The fragmented beach enhances the feeling of an unearthly ocean and a vaporous boat. A heavenly and glorious picture.(I especially like the invented gap between the rope and the back of the boat's body,resonating,fore,with the expected gap of the rope in the water).
Good painting (as usual) but more importantly - how was the Balinese smoked duck?
hi deano! the smoked duck was delicious, though many boned! they are only small fellows! the dishes that came with it were possibly even more lovely...red rice, green beans and coconut and a sort of sweet and sour tempeh/tofu number. YUM!!!
There is such delicacy here. The bow and stern lines, ribbons in the sand, waiting for the tide to rise. Thank you for the adventure. I look forward to the sturdiness of the Provence landscape and the lemons from Moracco.
Julian, It has been a wonderful vicarious trip to Bali through your paintings.Good luck from a fellow artist(watercolorist)
The elegant boat in this painting is artfully framed by brushstrokes that define the warm and cool colours of the beach and the sand. I like the 'seeming' simplicity in this image. Thanks for all the peeks at Bali.