daily painting titled Evening Vines, Les Couguieux

Evening Vines, Les Couguieux

16cm x 12cm, oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 23 July, 2008
Posted in Landscape paintings


You are incredible, Mr Merrow-Smith! The land seems to be alive, your brushstrokes give the "tempo", the movement, like in a "capsizing" waltz. !This landscape is in my view reminiscent of Georges Seurat in his beginnings before his permanent pointillism period .
Thanks Alain, your enthusiastic comments are much appreciated. I enjoyed this very much and fortunately the view is just opposite my studio door so no great distance to travel!
Julian - wonderful composition - I love how you can manage to break up the land masses into interesting shapes and how when you step back from the painting it "becomes" the landscape. I am traveling to Italy in October on a painting excursion - how many tubes of paint do you usually travel with? and do you bother with an umbrella? I will be there 14 days.
Thanks for your answer, Mr. Your paintings converse not only with the senses but also with the intellect. A healthy addiction; no side effects.An effective and attractive therapy for depressed too.
Julian, this composition is really dynamic! I feel like I'm being swept up into vines. Like alot of your other paintings, when I look at this, I see it translated into a very LARGE painting. I think it would be amazing if you did this scene really BIG with huge brushes. Think about it!
Thanks Jennifer, I have the luxury of just chucking everything in the back of the car when travelling to Italy, (three hours to Bordighera) so I probably take all the colors I might use, but still only 10-12. I am still looking for an umbrella but they are not much use in mistrals - with an umbrella you might get a painting that you wouldn't otherwise if the wind is kind.
Thanks Merilee, You read my mind, I am working on some large vine paintings... hopefully have a set finished by Autumn.