daily painting titled Clouds and shadows (view from my window)

Clouds and shadows (view from my window)

13cm x 12cm (5"x4½"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Friday 14 May, 2010
Posted in Landscape paintings


Hi Julian Your cloud paintings have inspired me to look more closely at them. Consequently I photographed some very unusal Toronto clouds recently. I love how you have chosen to fill the frame with these clouds in which you can see the subtle colour that is created by the vivid blue sky and the hidden sun. The dark line (rock) slashes the space in two defining with clarity the space between the the yellow green of the earth and the sky above . You have captured a brief moment in time with your brushwork and skill.
Souvenir painting I remember,Julian,you have painted the same view before.It seems some paintings are like some landmarks:clouds are never the same,we are never the same and again we remember:the olden time,march of time,seasons, time-worn,time flies...But-what-is-Time?And I gaze at my face in the mirror... And I open my beloved photograph album...Family, ancestors, friends, pets...I feel I have a lump in the throat.And I...
I like it !
Absolutely lovely and powerful, Julian. Simple it is not, but the overwhelming effect is just that. One strong statement.
nice job!!
good job!!!