daily painting titled Clementines


17cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Tuesday 13 December, 2011
Posted in Still life paintings


Simply beautiful, both color and composition.

Oh Julian, simple colors my arse! :)There are so many colors that go into painting an orange orange. Once again, wonderful! So happy to see you keeping your spirits up through the temporary loss of your home and permanent loss of so many other things. I miss your posts when you're away - thanks for painting on through tough times - your work is so very inspiring for me. Hope you are enjoying the stuff of life: good friends, good wine, fresh scenery and silly babies. Cheers! ?

This painting is for me a musical piece.The stalk in the upper side,looks like a conductor ready to faint;the background,a concert hall in the dark is listening to an orchestra(the clementines)in peak form tonight.The semicircular leave is a divine bow,the vertical leave,a violin from which a flow of moving sounds emerges.The audience hold their breath...

Food for the soul indeed! Everyday my hungry soul is fed...many many thanks for your generosity....sharing your art daily to nourish us who are open to receive it. You are just great!

this one is among my most favorites.

a friend gave me 4 persimmons on a branch from her tree. i'm painting them this morning, thinking of you.

Your clementines are just divine. More please! Your postcards are beautiful moments during my week.