daily painting titled Mont Ventoux in Winter

Mont Ventoux in Winter

20cm x 12cm (8"x4½"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 16 December, 2009
Posted in Landscape paintings


I used to be in love with a young women whose middle name is Hope. I do not know where she is today but I think of her often. When I do think of her somehow her middle name is always a part of my thoughts. I've heard many people say that hope is the enemy of the good. I do not share this view; I would never share this view. Hope is one of life's gifts. And so when I looked at this painting this afternoon I immediately was filled with a strong sense of hope and Hope came into my mind, again. Visually, in the language of your painting, Julian, this sense registered in double-time and from two places. Of course the distant snowy Mont Ventoux is one, but also from the light reflecting on the house and its angling ridges (particularly the peak of the roof and that tiny note of light!) reminding me, in this season, that light has truly come into the world. Thank you for hope...and another masterful gem!
such a lovely thought,oilymuck and such a serene painting, julien. thanks to both of you for brightening my day. gfs
Hi ! Julien, Simply beautiful. You get 100 marks for Composition - and 125 marks for the colour scheme ! you have killed me on this painting !!
Makes me want to quit my day job.
excellent !
Wow, Julian, this is beautiful.
a bright cold day -- merry crispness !
Julian I am just back from three days in London and realise that I have missed out on bidding for this lovely view of Ventoux. It's terrific. Next time maybe...
Well,Oilymuck,it would be nice to think that Hope may - by some miraculous chance - read your moving comments. I hope so!