daily painting titled Apples and Oranges

Apples and Oranges

19 x 9cm, oil on card

Painting status: SOLD

Daily painting for Friday 17 March, 2006
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Love your work...most especially the fruits, vegs and garlic. But seems impossible to buy...though I respond immediately to the your email, everything seems always to be sold. What's the trick???
Best regards,
Ben Gable

Last year a friend and I went on a painting trip to Tuscany. We stayed in a monastery ($20/night!) and ate lunch (bread, cheese, sardines and wine) out of paper bags in whatever field we were painting in. My paintings were fine, but they don't evoke the real feeling of being there as yours do, Julian. As I sit at my stressful, New York City job and look at your daily work online, I smile every day, at least once. Thanks for that.

I agree with Ben Gable above, there seems to be something inequitable about the way the news gets out, if I get your email and immediately click and it's always already sold. Nu?

Ilove your work .It's very inspring.Beautiful color and light,its a pleasure to see.Ilook forward to it everyday Thank You, for a look at your world .Bonne journee'

These paintings are like little gems that arrive each day.

Julian and Ruth,

love to see those little red dots!!
I realise that we don�t have your e mail address, and click as we might, can�t seem to find it in shiftinglight....please send so we can write from here (where it is hot and sunny and banana and mango filled....)
love to you both


i agree with Jane and Ben; i sit on my computer waiting for the daily delivery. does not matter----no luck. yesterday, the link did not even work, so i "refreshed" forever with no results. paintings are amazing, beautiful as an image, can only imagine what they'd be in real life---and i guess that is the point. i can only imagine. nu, indeed. apparently me and a painting are not basheirt-meant to be.

Thank you for making me want to paint again!I've been sculpting figures for a few years and I'm ready to paint.After seeing your postcards my eyes have been dancing.Great sales approach.An artist who can paint and sell his work!!
I would like to buy one but they sell soo fast.

A hello to Karl Gude from an old photographer friend! The Hudson River Museum in Yonkers, NY is having a Bovine Bounty day on Sunday, June 25th and I felt your painting of the cows against the Hudson River should have been in the exhibit. Hope you are well and thriving.