daily painting titled Still life with strawberries

Still life with strawberries

46cm x 27cm, oil on linen Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Monday 8 April, 2013
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Wow,you havent been wasting your time! Love it
It is a pleasure to see this larger painting, Julian. Giving you more down time has paid off handsomely! It is beautiful!
Absolutely stunning! Love, love, love.
You've certainly been using your time wisely. The dark/light contrast creates such drama and of course, the strawberries are simply luscious!
Luminous and luscious!!!!!
hmmm i wonder what is in the bottle? i dont think you have maple syrup there, so i will guess armagnac
The wind blew down your electronic connections but let you have free the time to create this marvelous stunning, dark, rich still life of strawberries. Thank you for today's wonderful image. You have a great gift, let the wind blow down your phone lines again. Buy candles, stock in some extra wine, food and painting supplies and paint all day long. cheers, georgi
Oh, this is gorgeous. I love the deep red of the berries - at the peak of ripeness. Mouth watering! See you in May!
If only all downtime could be spent as well. Great painting.
beautiful! The strawberries look like the kind we get from the food co-op, and not the supermarket. This internet is wonderful and awful at the same time for the all the energy and angst it sometimes demands.
This is really lovely. I like how you have painted darkness on the right moving to lighter on the left, and sure wish I could paint glass like you do. Also like the touches of light on the bowl, etc. You are truly talented and I am most definitely envious! :) Thank you for the painting. Elaine
One of your best. Exquisite.
This is wonderful; your power should go out more often. Not really, but this is great!
Great painting the strawberries look better than the ones I see in the grocery store. Your paintings set a mood which is so enjoyable. Happy your repairs are done. Hard to live without things we depend on. Enjoy the day.
Thank you...my day will be a little better now. Lovely painting.. Sylvia
I am an American painter living in the Gard, France, not far from Bagnols s/Ceze. I'm looking for an instructor and wonder if you do that sort of thing. I love your work and know I have much to learn. Thank you. Misha
In my opinion, this is probably one of the best paintings you have created. Visually luscious;colors and subject matter. Reminds me of the Masters. Thank you for sharing. Sandy in Ohio