daily painting titled Self portrait

Self portrait

13cm x 19cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Sunday 3 February, 2013
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If I was able to do painings like you do, I would not sell them but hang them all over my house and keep them for ever.
Oh Julian! I really love it and your palette knife work. Anita
I love your daily paintings but I have to say your self portraits are fabulous. The texture is an added treat. Excellent work.
Was not expecting that! My email showed just your hair and the top of the painting...I could not guess...then your whole face came into view. Very nice face! :)
So full of life - great!
it's a great self portrait in every way.
It's the light in your eyes that most important!
Still handsome sir...liking the copper notes in your unruly hair, reflecting the color in your shirt. Lily
Such great lighting!! Self portraits are the hardest to complete I find, but offer a great reward :)
Gorgeous. Your self-portraits are superb. Thank you. Fanny
Love it!
I totally agree with Dagmar!
what marvellous coppery hues, you have captured the light perfectly. Great semi lost edges on the glasses.
Poignant. Incandescent.
Dear Julian, I love your self portraits most of all. This one is so loose and everything I have ever wanted to achieve in paint. How much is talent and how much is practice? I have no money, and would love to know how much this would cost. Alas we never know. But the amazing thing is to see it. Its stunning. Feel I know you a bit. I will buy one one day. Thank you. Valerie
Dear Julian,just as we were lulled into cozy domesticity by coffe and croissant the other day, we are snapped back to deeper issues. How do you manage producing such gems, day after day? Your latest self portrait, totally lacking in vanity,shows how tough it must be. spinning all the plates. I so admire your tenacity and huge talent.And fearless wielding of the palette knife. Anna. P.S.Alain would say it much better!
No Anna Howard, you have said all when you write:"totally lacking in vanity". Rembrandt has been the first famous painter to paint self-portraits "totally lacking in vanity".It is a supreme act of courage to admit: "I am just naturally the way I am in front of all of you".As Jesus could have said to the poor wretches. www.allpaintings.org/d/28765-1/Rembrandt+-+Self-Portrait+9.jpg
I agree with Bob about the light in your eyes; you look directly at the viewers, always a positive for me.