daily painting titled New Season  Onions in a Provençal  bowl

New Season Onions in a Provençal bowl

13cm x 17cm, oil on card

Painting status: SOLD

This painting is available as a limited edition print
Daily painting for Wednesday 5 April, 2006
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Gorgeous. I love this.

Julian - have been watching your exploding success over the last few months. I have always love your still lives and this onion explodes in an earthiness which I haven't seen before. Thanks again.

Julian --- this is fantastic!

This is wonderful!

Julian, your onions are inspiring. I love all your work and am always pleased to see what you do. I want to invite you to my opening in Bonnieux April 15, at 18:30. Galerie Fabricante de la Gare, near the national. I am an American painter living in Provence.
I hope at last to meet you. Sincerely, Nora

Absolutely stunning, Julian. I can't tell you how gorgeous this is! I'm blown away...

I too think you just might be the painter we all appreciate.
Thanks so much,
Keep on truckin'

Just wanted to let you know, Julian, that as a writer who is always looking for motivation, I've decided to follow your lead and write a "postcard" each day--a small word picture to get myself going each day while creating a bit of work that may lead to something more or teach me something new about my craft. Thanks. I'm also going to pass the tip on to my writing group--interestingly enough, we did something similar a few years back when our pens were running dry and our little exercises morphed into a book of essays, which were published. Your postcards are a good incentive to pop back into that mode. Susan

Don't forget about the beautiful eggplant that is so quietly stealing the show from the onion!! Stunning.

Gary...I see the eggplant!! At first I was so stunned by the beauty of the green bowl,I didn't see the eggplant lurking...awaiting a longer look all around...then ...out it pops! Ha ha!

Can you imagine being an onion in that lucious green bowl/bed with that dark, dense, senuous eggplant........just sooo sexy! Annie, I envy you.... Cynthia

absolutely luminous...
the unexpected flash of turquoise and violet is lovely...

FINALLY the giclee of this piece has arrived -- and it was well worth the wait! The piece IS gorgeous -- and we welcome it to our collection.

As an independent interior designer -- and based on this experience -- I will not hesitate to recommend your work to my clients.

Thank you for our daily peek at Provence -- a place in the world that my husband and I dearly love.

Me too - the giclee finally arrived this week and it was well worth the wait. Packaging was excellent and no problems on that front. The quality of the colours in the printing is also excellent and I'd love to know the paper you're having these printed on!

I live at 38417 Commonwealth in Seattle. Been up here before?

Exquisite. What a delight to view. Thank you. Eileen