daily painting titled Lemon on a Moroccan cloth

Lemon on a Moroccan cloth

18cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Tuesday 6 September, 2016
Posted in Still life paintings


Hi Julian! This is lovely, especially because Louis' pajamas adds such natural simplicity to the composition --- a Wabi Sabi vibe, if you will. Thank you for the joy that your daily paintings bring to my Inbox! Warm regards, Stephanie
Dear Julian, This is so gorgeous and vibrant. I love it!
Dear Julian, this is so vibrant and conjures up the sounds and smells of the souk. Fabulous!
I lové it The colours change all ! It's a optimistic vision of still Life Joyful atmosphère I prefer you use gay colours especially in the background
Julian Not sure if you got my comment while you were in Maine, but the painting I bought a couple of weeks ago (Two Peaches) was not signed. Hoping you can take care of that before you ship it out. Can't wait to get it. Really enjoyed your foray into New England. Loved having you here in our country! Edie Clark
I was so surprised that you chose to paint the pajamas instead of complaining about their being left on the poor, I think the painting put opposites together, flamboyant color and careful shape, Good for father and an artist@ DK