daily painting titled Kitten on a window sill

Kitten on a window sill

20cmx 15cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 23 July, 2020
Posted in Paintings of cats


I am the lucky owner of a painting of Pumpkin as a baby kitten!

Just terrific. Good eye and good heart. I love the dappled light across the dappled cat.

Too sweet!

I so enjoy all your paintings, but am thrilled when you use the cat as your subject. This is your third painting of Louis's cat, Pumpkin/Baby. Barbara is indeed lucky to own a painting of the kitten!

Outstanding! I love your work!

You made my day. How sweet, My kitty is very sick and I am loosing her.

Love your sleepy cat Pumpkin!...These lovely spirits capture our hearts for the time they’re here to share life with us...thx for sharing this special moment with us 😊

THis is such a lovely natural lpose. I am used to seeing paintings of cats (or dogs or more)in stiff, unnatural and with too much laboured detail, poses,and this one is so full of life--even tho' sleeping!