daily painting titled Bottled figs and Bergamot

Bottled figs and Bergamot

12cm x 18cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 8 January, 2014
Posted in Still life paintings


I so admire the moods you are able to communicate with your still life work. Today's painting is warm, happy; the painting before was mysterious and a bit melancholy... at least, that's how they seem to me.
LOVE your edges! I am trying!
Aglow, joyful. Honey-dew. The green leaves are the pictorial key to that singing picture. The air flows so well all around the bottle. The sunny fruit thrills with delight to be there. Mood enhancing picture. A still life that Edouard Manet himself didn't have the idea to paint. Too bad for him!
As I am currently living in an icy environment, I was delighted by the caramel of the figs, the gold of the bottle-cap and the bright yellow of the lemon on its green leaf. Thank you Julian for this breath of warmth for those of us in Toronto who are still feeling and dealing with the effects of two ice storms and arctic air.
What beautiful rich colours you used!! How well you captured those bottled figs! I'm slightly west of Barbara M in Toronto, and yes, it's freezing! Bit better than Monday and Tuesday, though. Thanks, Julian, for the gorgeous "warm" colours!
Depressing winter bills morning ... how nice to open my mail and find your cheery little painting in my inbox:) I've never heard of a Bergamot orange ... intrigued.
Dear Julian, bottled summer! This is so very: perfumed, intense, vivacious, irrepressible! Anna.
Simplement fantastique!