daily painting titled Silver Spoon on a White Cloth

Silver Spoon on a White Cloth

24cm x 33cm (9½"x 13"), Oil on Linen Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Saturday 2 August, 2008
Posted in Still life paintings
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The reflection in the spoon's head is a real poem. Like russian dolls phenomenon , I am under the impression that wee see on the left the garden of Eden with green trees , blue sky above,and a twinkling ochre path; on the right side, the black and threatening hell so close...And finally, these two angular lines on either side of the spoon's head giving the impression that this humble spoon is a metaphor of an angel ready to fly.
Please, do refer to the same kind of painting ( friday 4 may 2007 into Archive) and glance at the alterations between the both canvas; that is the underground intellectual process of an artist. From realism to visionary...Victor Hugo said: " Objets inanimés, avez-vous donc une âme?"when I have a good look at julian's still lifes,I say definitively yes.