daily painting titled Lemon, bottle and sprig of thyme

Lemon, bottle and sprig of thyme

20cm x 15cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Friday 3 October, 2014
Posted in Still life paintings


Amazing. I can taste the zing of the lemon. Love the change of palette
Two unlikely friends - the thyme giving its benediction to the perfect lemon, whose brilliant yellow is balanced by the preponderant mass of subtle pastels.
Very, very nice!
Loving it! Living here in Florida everything is high key light most of the time. Thanks, Julian.
a lemon in any light is a beautiful thing bravo
Especially love the rosy note next to the green glass. Beautifully done, bravo!
Light! Light! Light! It's about time you ditch the dark........
So fine! The light is beautiful.
Perfect mastery of tones and hues. Entrancing!
I love your paintings and look forward to receiving the new one every day. Thank you. The references to your family are interesting and make me feel as though we are friends.
Dear Julian, if you had squared it up a bit, used a plumb line and left a few notation marks, Euan Uglow would have felt right at home. Why do I see a touch of Uglow here? Is it the uncompromising light, the searing yellow of the lemon against the greys and pinks of the back ground? A spare, hard won elegance. A fresco like palette? A stimulating change that is very enjoyable, but please don't stop painting the dark "golden age" still lifes just yet! Anna.
Today Julian, I came upon a landscape of William-Merritt Chase: "Olive trees, Florence". I was stunned by the high level of similarity between his brushstrokes and yours: creamy,lively,quivering! And luminous. www.wikiart.org/en/william-merritt-chase/olive-trees-florence
GORGEOUS! I always love your reflections in a bottle. A mise en abyme, as Gide would put it.
GORGEOUS! I always love your reflections in a bottle. A mise en abyme, as Gide would put it.
Prefer the darker tones
Really quite beautiful.