daily painting titled Le Repas

Le Repas

27cm x 22cm, oil on card

Painting status: SOLD

Daily painting for Tuesday 16 January, 2007
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Great painting!New subjects. I love the way you have been able to capture so many textures, from the waxed butcher paper to the dry,
cut the roof of your mouth bread crust,to the white outer layer on the moist saucisse.

I can almost taste it! Longingly....

leslee, it tastes good, i can tell you!

Beautiful. I love your work but this one really touch me. Wish I could afford it. Do you sell giclee prints?

I once brought a saucisson back to the US in my bra. (IT WAS IN MY SUITCASE!)I adore them (French saucissons). I also adore your paintings! How do you manage to make my mouth water, my eyes water with your paintings? This is fabulous! Gargantua (or JLowrie)

Thank you Leslee and Marie-Louise. Ruth has to do all the tasting as I have a large hole where my tooth was and Saucisse is the kind of thing that seems to be drawn into it, so you could consider this painting as a sort of fantasy - the dentist suggested eating an omelette so perhaps that's tomorrow's painting. Now that is sad.

Well I guess an omelette in a bra might be interesting. New subjects indeed!

It's beautiful!....and yummy.
What a great job. Bravo!

So French! Love this painting, the muted colours and the way everything sits on the cloth so naturally. Bread is such a difficult thing to paint. Lovely!

Thanks Fayrene and Julia, bread at the moment, is a very difficult thing to eat :-((

I just clicked on the painting for an afternoon pick me up and in enlarging it, I see its even better than I thought!

Might you consider making a giclee of it? I am sure you would have a lot of happy vicarious eaters and purchasers.
Pensez vous, svp.

I hope you might consider a print! This one is really fantastic--I look forward to more great works in 2007.

Reminds me of my Father's lunch....too many years ago....

Sorry Julian, I got all choked up while walking down memory lane that I failed to mention what a beautiful painting this is....Thank you...