daily painting titled Two peaches

Two peaches

20cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Monday 12 September, 2016
Posted in Still life paintings


Have you tried water based oil paints? I just bought a few today and will be trying them out.
Lovely!!! ...a slight chalkie....dusty look to the peach !
The colors look very rich, Julian. I will look into this myself. Thanks.
I'm a fairly recent subscriber to your site and just wanted to say how much I enjoy receiving your posts. They never fail to uplift and inspire me. I'm an ex graphic designer and struggle to loosen up with my painting, hoping to get there one day ..
This is really stunning! I think the chalky white gives it a velvety peach skin look. Really nice! I want to buy some of that white paint and chalk dust you mentioned. Can you recommend any online sources?
Love it! Any online resources you can recommend for the white paint and chalk dust you mentioned?
It's all homemade, Tad Spurgeon is the guy I mentioned, google him, he has all the recipes and a whole book about it. It's pretty straight forward to use, as I am, some whiting (chalk powder) mixed with linseed oil instead of white to make the colors more transparent and lighter without losing chroma (saturation). Obviously you need white too.
I wanted to comment as well concerning water based oils. I started using them because they not asdangerous to your health. Let me know if you try them out...I'd like to know how you think they compare visually. Lisa