daily painting titled Still Life with Apple and Goats Cheese

Still Life with Apple and Goats Cheese

19.5cm x 12cm (7¾"x4¼"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
This painting is available as a limited edition print
Daily painting for Sunday 12 October, 2008
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julian, a wonderful painting on so many levels... incredible blend of talent and artistry. each distinct object enhances the other, leading the eye masterfully around the painting.
Goodness. This painting communicates so much of what it means to be human, perhaps ALL of what it means. It ties together ideas of God and man and friendship and sustenance and creativity, both divine and earthly. The human creations of cheese and cup. The divine creations of apple and cheese to sustain. The clay of the earth molded by human hands and the eye and hand of the one who painted the message. A perfect Sunday meditation of who we are and why we are here. The joy of it all.
I want to bite that apple and savour the cheese. Your painting makes me yearn to be in Provence. I hope you will post a link to the article in tomorrow's Guardian.
PS ? It's the Thanksgiving weekend, here in Canada, and your painting could not be more appropriate to this celebration. It conjures up all the reasons and riches we have to be thankful. Merci.
Utterly amazingly good...great Ellie
Love it. The blue pottery is fantastic. A lovely piece.
Julian, This painting is exquisite! But so many more have been too. More and more detail and expression have appeared in your work this fall. It is my favorite season and so may it be yours. I have been picking yellow delicious from my tree and some look like this apple, but perhaps the high shine is more like our American Pippins. Kay I would like to answer the letter your wife wrote about my life as an artist. (Today attended an art for Obama show and donated a seascape.) I don't know if I have the address still or the mail. But will search. Or, perhaps she can remind us again.
Julian: one of your very, very best. Congratulations on the Guardian piece too!
Julian, This is as close to a masterpiece as one can get. Perfect on all levels, color, comp, value, brushwork, etc, etc. Congratulations on the Guardian piece!
Julian, I just wanted to take the time to let you know how much I enjoy seeing your postcard paintings. They inspire and calm me. Thank you for sharing your art. Amy
What a superb painting! It is really very striking and I just love it! Kudos to whomever was the lucky person who bought it.
Once again, you have managed to capture both the luminosity of each object and each inherent texture. I love this, plain and simple!!! How about a print?!!!!