daily painting titled Poppies in an Olive Grove

Poppies in an Olive Grove

16cm x14cm, oil on card

Painting status: SOLD

This painting is available as a limited edition print
Daily painting for Thursday 1 June, 2006
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The poppies are dancing!! Such a wonderful, joyful painting ...Julian...thank you!

Julian: I have been watching from the sidelines for some weeks now, always enjoying your lovely work. This one painting, however, has stirred me again to put pen to paper as it were to comment yet again that you are the master. Thank you for sharing this one.

Yes,Julian, I have to agree with Gary. You are a master. I particularly like how you are so versatile and so many of your paintings can be radically different from each other, yet are uniquely "yours". You are wonderful and your work inspires me. This painting is just pure joy. Thankyou!

This painitng, along with the few before it and Headland Path are doing something very different from the others. I definitely feel the search for the image going on in this one.

Beautiful J....It's even more satisfying to see your work after having not visited your site for a while...

Very juicy free use of paint...not a colored drawing... almost pointilist..abstract enough so it wasn't immediately obvious. I like that.