daily painting titled Lemon on a french cloth

Lemon on a french cloth

17cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Monday 16 December, 2013
Posted in Still life paintings


Toujours aussi belle touche picturale, cher Julian. Quelle belle harmonie de couleurs !Ce joli citron ( pas pressé !)semble se cacher timidement sous ses feuilles, au creux du torchon ...Merci de nous apporter ces petits instants de bonheur . Sincerly.
What a subtle tangle of lines! At first glance, we fall in love with the colourful harmony. What a cute green snout of the lemon! A lemon which looks like a bowwow deeply sleeping under a bedcover of leaves. Hot and cold colours sing together. And the baby pink of the cloth finally makes us melt with pleasure...
Its the shadows that clinch the picture - amazing!! Richard
Captured and captivating!
if I were a person with income to dispose of, I would bring this sweet thing home to my kitchen. I'm not. But were I, I would.
A gorgeous painting-your postcards are such a treat! Thank you!
Dear Julian, blue striped cloth, citrus fruits, iconic old tin box, the last couple of days have been like coming home! Love the super saturated blue and yellow meeting in a sweet spot bordered by a triangle of deep shadow.Dare I say, the lemon resembles a gothic virgins breast!! Anna.
Your citrus tones lately have become deeply sensual. Complex nuances, and subtle as in an expertly crafted portrait. Bravo.
Another winner...".........composition and color formidable!
A very special lemon. Would have bought it at once. Love the waxy look. How do you do it, please?
What a beauty!
All of your paintings of lemons are wonderful, but this one is perfect.