daily painting titled Track through pine trees

Track through pine trees

20cm x 12cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Tuesday 17 January, 2012
Posted in Landscape paintings


Bonjours! I've been receiving your postcards for some time now and felt it was time to comment. Your work is so beautiful! I appreciate the ease and simplicity of your brushwork. Most of all I love your landscapes. You convey to me a ense of the light of the day and the time of the year that hits me emotionally. The arrival of one of your emails is like getting a present. I feel a little thrill of anticipation. Thank you, Bonnie
Breathtaking. No other word for it.
What a lovely place this area you have made your home would be to visit. Thank you for all you paint and send. Naomi Rudo in Bellingham, WA
how different from yesterdays landscape! this so closed in and almost scary (the drop down in the path) and yesterdays so open and full of air. both beautiful and thought provoking. thank you as always.
When I look at the enlarged picture,I can easily imagine,Julian,in this so romantic scene,your gestures,the body language of your forearm,hand and fingers,which hold the brush,freely crossing the surface like the varied dancing lilts of a conductor's baton in the space.Music and painting are so intertwined.
Love your work-but have a technical question--your colors are so clean--that little patch of blue sky at the upper right--it looks like the green underneath was dry--but how could it have been if you are using oil--do you use drying agents?...
The main portion of sky was left blank until last so I just ran it into the thinner umber and green. All the sky windows were added at the same time, thick opaque paint layed over thin paint. Most of those decisions are built in from the beginning when the mass of darks are layed in, all later stages are thicker with more white - both the sunlit foliage and the sky
many thanks for your reply--I was running a little low on steam due to the necessity of a day job with studio happening only sporadically in the evening--and then I found this site-which is providing me with some fuel--I'm working stronger now-many many thanks--