daily painting titled Morning, les Couguieux

Morning, les Couguieux

20cm x 14cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Sunday 24 May, 2015
Posted in Landscape paintings


Beautiful work, Julien! I can almost "feel" the sunshine in this painting. Well done!
Lovely...can feel the texture ...
Beautiful! Wind wind go away!!
Don't worry Karin, it will not be like your last visit, there are even leaves on the trees!!
Always enjoy viewing your work Julien! This could be one of your best. You capture the textures of the of the tree and poopy feilds exquisitely...
Really good Julian love the loose brush strokes.
Oh, nice one.. wish I was there!! Lovely fields... ;~}
Nice one...lovely fields! ! ;~}
Beautiful blue hills, and I love the texture!
I told a dear friend of mine: -if you think you are depressed and experiencing loss of interest in eveything, do not rush, definitely not, to your physician,but go please to JMS website to day and look at "Morning, les Couguieux"... So imagine that you are strolling about on that sloping path of light you see far away... listen to the birds singing, smell deeply the fragrances of the fields and flowers, imagine the coming days of grape harvest, look at the swallowtail butterflies hang-gliding in the air around you, then stop and have a break: you are smiling, my friend."
Delightful view!