daily painting titled Overgrown cherry orchard

Overgrown cherry orchard

17cm x 13cm (approx. 7"x5"), oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 11 April, 2012
Posted in Landscape paintings


Hi Julian, This scene looks very much like my brother-in-laws back yard in upstate NY, though he has apple trees. Nice painting!
Absolutely beautiful. I am glad you are back in France.
Very nicely done, Julian. I like the variety of colors and it's a good composition, too.
A few bloosoms...a few cherries...another good study....another good day...looks like you were enjoying it!
Julian, I sighed out loud when I scrolled down and saw this picture in its entirety. The green, the blossoms, the yellow - I can feel the sun on my back. Hope you are having a fabulous spring, enjoying being a father, and getting back into your home soon. I'm grateful that you are able to continue to paint through all your recent upheavals.
A breath of springtime--so delicate. Just beautiful!
It reminds me of some of paintings of the wonderful lastest period of Monet we can admire at Marmottan museum in Paris.
Wow, what vivid colors! I love the shades of yellow and green! I love it. Thank you Julian for once again touching our lives with beauty.