daily painting titled Mountain track with flowering gorse

Mountain track with flowering gorse

18cm x 14cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 10 April, 2014
Posted in Landscape paintings


So as soon as I saw this landscape,I began singing with the golden flowers that look like crackling suns. Your first joyful and pleasant path of the year, Julian. A pleasure-seeking painting!
Alain said it so well that I can only add that you captured Spring with that wonderful gold. We don't have gorse here in New York atate that I know of, but I have seen it in Ireland and France and loved it. Thank you! Barbara Shay Curran
This is so crisp and gorgeous Julian!
When I see your landscapes and still lifes, I audibly gasp, then sigh, then want to go paint and try HARDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are amazing, and I wish so much I could meet you.
Perfect morning walk, Julian. Is there a fig tree in the foliage greening up for your wonderful black figs to perch in? :-) How familiar your world has become!
Love it! That bold blue/green shadow really grabs the eye and leads you down the path.. Great to see your landscapes again.
splendid work .
Superb, the pathway and gorse are wonderfully rendered and the first shadow somehow cements the whole composition together.
Dear Julian, all the comments have already expressed very well the impact of this painting, just want to add how I love the very mountainous, wild and "dry" landscape. Wafts of fragrant gorse in the pure air! Anna.