daily painting titled Peeled clementine

Peeled clementine

20cm x 13cm (8"x5"), oil on Masonite Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Friday 7 January, 2011
Posted in Still life paintings


My Heart!!! Simply fantastic!! The peel especially are the right is just to die for!
Dear Julian--Oh, that clementine--now remembering Chardin, but with that combination of a glow and a ragged peel, it is lovely. Again, dare I say those opposites get one!
Your clementines make other still life painters so jealous they probably won't attempt them! That almost hidden glow of the pulp and the marvelously fuzzy white stuff are both wonderful.
Etherial, otherworldly, the peel has one foot over the edge, calculating the drop for a possible escape. Gorgeous painting!
What we eaters do without them? What would we viewers do without J M-Smith's paintings of them? We'd be poor indeed.
What fuzzy, squeaky, deliciousness!! Gorgeous. I still have the clementine Christmas card you and Ruth sent propped above my fireplace. Bring 'em on clementines every day until Spring!
This is a spot of sunshine on a grey foggy day :)
Here in the southern US we have had Spanish clementines in plentiful supply this winter season - its been quite fun watching yours develop and to see how prices vary from week to week. Ruthie
how fortunate you are---to have your art and be able to eat it, too!! Thanks for sharing.
I decided to try my hand at clementine and purchased a small crate of 50 or so. Most did not survive the week before being eaten! I will try again. The trompe l'oeil of the peeling works well. Its so simple but so effective. Something to strive for.
yes, the clementines are fantastic but just got the painting of roses (and no place to comment) so will tell you here how breathtaking my first glance was....beautiful, beautiful. thank you, julian. gfs
Julian, what are you using for the black in the background?
I generally use just a mixture made up of Burnt Sienna or Burnt umber, and mars black or ultrmarine, sometimes a little ochre, depending if it's warmer or cooler, nothing unusual.
superbe ! il ne manque que l'odeur ....
Beautiful! I can smell the clementine!