daily painting titled After the rain

After the rain

20cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 25 June, 2014
Posted in Landscape paintings


Frenzied brushstrokes!
As if the painter was eager to rebuild the real on the blank canvas, as if to catch the short-lived atmospheric instant, as if to celebrate that ray of sun among the vineyard: a race against the clock. A race for life, in tribute to the fleeting beauty of our world. O how lucky we are to be alive, the artist seems to say with the help of brushes and pigments. And the canvas comes to life in front of us! As the vineyard end of shadow on the right turns into an old man sitting seen from the rear and sadly recalling his past life, with his head down...

As Alain said in his comment, there is such a sense in this painting of catching the "fleeting moment." Such wonderful light framed by the dark.

This postcard brings found memories of Provence
- the love of the land

Hi Julian great work , masterful as always , would love to visit and learn! But for now it is chemo treatments for my wife that consumes most of my time. Tried to paint the Clematis in my sister's yard today but got rained out.
Thanks for your inspiring excellence.

Fantastic sense of light and shade in this one! From the sunlit patches of soil in the foreground to the suggestions of cloud shadows on Mont Ventoux in the background, with the half in shadow house/barn in the middle distance. How powerfully evocative brushstrokes become when they are put down and left, not fiddled with or muddied. The problem becomes which precise colour and tone to put where- a problem Julian solves exquisitely. Bravo!

Wonderful work , I love it.