daily painting titled Single malt (reflections in a glass of whisky)

Single malt (reflections in a glass of whisky)

13cm x 17cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 19 January, 2012
Posted in Still life paintings


Simply masterful! This will merit study to be sure!!
Not to fill up your site with trivial words, but how do you ever learn to 'see' like this. This is magnificent!
The Single Malt Reflections painting really grabbed me. It is clever and well-executed. Congratulations!
Sooo good-- reflections on the glass surface - masterful and lovely. I like the dark background with the sharp light on the glass and a small portrait of the artist painting, hazily floating.
lipsmacking good - can almost smell it !
Just brilliant Julian. I can feel the warmth of that whisky in my throat! I am excited to pick up your portrait from the framers today. They were enraptured with it as am I.
Julian, you are a clever artist to paint something that gives you a reward. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed seeing this painting pop up on my computer screen.
Soooo Simple, yet so commanding - amazing.Well done.... Did you drink it after? I do hope it didnt go back in the bottle, or worse... go to waste!
i'll be right over
Love studying your paintings and look forward to receiving one. They brighten my day. Would love for you to make a dvd so I can see your tools and techniques. Yes, I want to paint like you.
Over the teeth, past the gums, look out stomach, here it comes!
I am not a drinker but this painting could make me one. Fabulous.
The reflections are just amazing in this painting. I love the rich warm colors the whisky supplies (not to mention the warm feeling it gives going down ;)).
absolutly brilliant.....
Incredibly beautiful! And you know how interested and fascinated I am by reflections. You are a master of them! Wish I could afford to bid! Won't you make a print of this one? Please?
Gosh, I bet you finished that painting quickly then!
Delicious. Hope you paint some coffee or wine.
cheers Jullian.
Smells like a ten year old Macallan to me.